Gone, but not forgotten
Michael Moore, Christopher Byers & Stevie Branch
   The Real West Memphis Three
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This site is dedicated to preserving the truth as to what happened to three innocent 8-year-old boys, Michael Moore, Christopher Byers, and Stevie Branch on May 5th, 1993.  Three youths, Jessie Misskelley, Damien Echols, and Jason Baldwin were arrested and convicted in 1994 of these heinous crimes.

Due to many mistruths and propaganda rampant throughout the internet and media as to who was truly responsible for the murder of these three innocent souls and with a defense team with a seemingly never ending resource of money, the three convicted were shockingly released in 2011 after they agreed to take a guilty plea in order that they be released early.

Our aim here is the educate others that the right people were convicted of these crimes back in 1994, and to show you that a huge injustice occurred upon releasing the three men responsible, an injustice that stamps on the memory of the three kids murdered.  We urge you to read the documents held within this site and let the three innocent children tell their story through the evidence and testimonies presented.

These three boys were only on this mortal world for 8 years when their lives were cut so short one spring day in 1993.  Their lives ended on the banks of a ditch where they were tormented, terrified, and tortured.  We can aid the spirit of those children to rise from that ditch and be remembered forever by spreading the truth and exposing the injustice that has overshadowed their voices for too long.